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Creative Lead

Sparks Grove is an experience design firm and a division of management consulting firm North Highland. We help our clients design and build experiences that solve business challenges. We believe every business challenge is ultimately a human one. And that a great experience, one that simply connects to a person’s reason, emotion, and purpose, will reward a smart brand. We root our experiences in sound strategy and insights. We design them to be beautiful and inspiring. We execute them across digital, environmental, transactional, and communication platforms.

Sparks Grove is well established in the US, and we’ve just opened our first office in the UK.

Our London office is open, energetic and fast growing. Based in the heart of Holborn Circus, our high calibre people genuinely enjoy working here and have a passion for building our business as well as helping our clients.

Our firm is staffed with an intentional diversity – of people, experiences, and roles. We collaborate and iterate against big problems with creative thinking, planning, and execution. We work with our clients, not for them. We are here for their long-term benefit.

Our Expectations
We want this to be an engaging, challenging, and rewarding place to grow in your career. We are all responsible to each other to make it so.
We’re looking for a Creative Lead to join our team.    

Our Creative Leads are bright, capable and versatile. They make up the core of our creative business, and are comfortable getting involved in all aspects of Sparks Grove life, but with a focus on three main things:
First, they’re responsible for leading small teams on up to two client projects. They work face-to-face with our clients, designing and deliver awesome comms and campaigns. They lead and shape projects, guide and develop their teams and build close relationships with the client, helping out where it really matters.

Secondly, they’re the main point of contact for a 1-3 client accounts. Creative Leads can spot opportunities, and bring in the right expertise to shape future work; talking with clients and buyers to understand their needs and come up with effective solutions to problems. They can talk through and clarify a client's business challenge and come up with a compelling pitch for their ideas.
Finally, they look out for few of our more junior people. Everyone senior in Sparks Grove has mentoring responsibilities, and Creative Leads have responsibilities that range from coaching and mentoring to more formal development. They help our junior team members figure out where they're going and what they love to do.

In a typical day, a Creative Lead might:
  • Pitch for some creative engagement work at a new client.
  • Run a client workshop to design a new employee experience with them.
  • Chase some invoices (not glamorous, still important).
  • Go for coffee with one of their team (or someone whose career they look out for) to chat about what they want they want to focus on for the next 6 months.
  • Join a business-wide account planning meeting to develop strategy around targeting a new buyer, sitting down with consulting and Sparks Grove project leads from across the North Highland account,
  • Review the copy and creative for a new employee-facing website their team is developing for a client, before walking the team through your feedback and supporting them to progress the development.
Preferred skills:
You've got consulting chops. You've got experience consulting for clients. That means you know how to manage projects. You know how to lead and develop teams. You know how to pitch to clients. Most importantly, it means you're great at building and maintaining great relationships.
You've got design skills. You have a strong portfolio, an eye for quality, and a deep understanding of the principles of good design, colour and typography. You stay true to the intent of your brief, and can explain and defend the decisions you make. You're cool, comfortable and in control throughout all phases of a design project, from idea generation to final delivery. You're experienced working with the Adobe Creative Suite, and can design for both print and web.
You’re comfortable with complexity and speed. You’re used to working in complex organisational environments, solving difficult problems with lots of moving parts. You’ve got experience managing fast-paced work alongside high performing consulting teams, all against a backdrop of a wider change within an organisation.
You're a great communicator.  You speak eloquently. You write well. You can stand and present, argue and persuade. You can explain things in a simple, meaningful, compelling way. You get quiet pleasure from polishing a perfect paragraph of prose.

You're creative. You're flexible and open-minded, and love coming up with new and exciting ways to help your clients. You're also a sponge - soaking up great ideas that you encounter day to day, ready to reuse and repurpose in your work.  

This job is for you if:
  • You love getting your teeth into problems - taking on a chunky challenge and coming up with creative solutions.
  • You come to work because you want to help people. You get a buzz from seeing your design positively impact people’s working life, or help them do their job better or.
  • You want to build something. Sparks Grove is well established in the US, but this is going to be our first office in the UK. You're the kind of person who gets excited about getting in on the ground floor and getting your hands dirty.
  • Maybe you’re a business consultant who’s bored of PowerPoint. You have a desire to do more impactful and creative work.
  • Maybe you’re a designer who’s frustrated churning out the same templates every day. You want to solve bigger, more meaningful problems and work closer with clients.
With the right team we can meet any challenge. We intentionally attract and recruit people with diverse talents and experiences. We then unite our team around shared values and a passion for solving complex problems. This passion extends to all that we do – personally, professionally and in the communities in which we live.

Interested? Please click apply and submit your CV, then send us two things to
1.    Your portfolio.
2.    Pick a question and respond in less than 300 words, or do away with words entirely and draw us a picture.
  • What is your favourite brand and why? What is it about the visual communication and story-telling that appeals to you? What would you change to make it even better?
  • Tell us about a product you predict will significantly impact how people work in their day jobs.
  • Where have you had an excellent customer or employee experience? What made it so meaningful? How would you make it even better?
  • Send us a sample of something visual that you think is good*, and send us a sample of something that’s great. (*not something you created, no explanation needed)

Sparks Grove is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and welcomes all qualified applicants. Applicants will receive fair and impartial consideration without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, genetic data, or other legally protected status.

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