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Analyst - Creative Consulting
London, UK

Creative Analyst.

In a nutshell
Sparks Grove UK, based in Holborn, London, is on the hunt for a bright, creative graduate to join our team. We’re looking for someone who can work with clients as part of small dynamic project teams, with a focus on building creative, innovative and beautiful solutions to solve tough client problems.
Why is this role important?
As a small team, Sparks Grove UK is all about our people. You won’t be a cog in a machine or a faceless number. You’ll help to shape our work, teams, process, and client relationships.  
As with any sensible consultancy, we don’t believe in forcing people into a specific job function. Instead, you’ll gradually shape your role in the team based on your interests and experience, as well as those of your team members. Think of this as a starting point.
Once here, you will:
•  Work as part of a larger project team, helping to solve business problems using creativity and design thinking. You’ll facilitate business discussions, build relationships and credibility while working to understand the challenges they’re facing. After pinning down exactly what they need, you’ll work within the team to build high quality solutions that solve real problems, as well as looking amazing.

•  Develop your creative thinking and consulting skills through experience, training and self development. That might mean learning new technical skills to complete a passion project, or challenging yourself to step outside your comfort zone and take on new responsibilities. You’ll naturally seek and share knowledge with clients, peers and team members.

•  Using your communication skills to engage people. A good chunk of what we do is around finding ways to build more human connections in organisations. That might mean facilitating client meetings and workshops, shifting organisational cultures or using traditional and non-traditional communications channels to reach out and connect with people.

Our ideal candidate will have:
•  Creativity. Obviously. It’s in the job title for crying out loud. But that doesn’t mean you’re a graphic designer, or even you can draw (though that’s always a plus!) You're flexible and open-minded, using both sides of your brain to understand and communicate information in original and exciting ways. You love coming up with new and exciting ways to help our clients.

•  A genuine interest in business and technology. We work with organisations to find new and compelling ways for them to communicate and create experiences for people.

•  Some serious interpersonal and communications skills. You’re an exceptional storyteller, with the fluency and confidence to inspire teammates and clients with your words. You have clear points-of-view, and are
comfortable articulating these to clients and colleagues.

What can we offer you?
Sparks Grove is a bunch of bright, capable, curious people, working together find better ways for organisations and people to interact. As with any small team, we’re more of a family than a business. That means we expect a lot and look out for each other. We make sure everyone is kitted out with a robust coaching, mentoring and support system, and we build deliberate moments throughout the week for our community to pause, create, and share.
We encourage our people to bring their whole selves to work, focus on building a positive work-life balance, and keep their passion alive through passion projects and side hustle.
A little more about us:
Sparks Grove is an experience design firm and a division of management consulting firm North Highland. We help businesses and institutions connect with people, creating experiences that matter and building things people love to use. Although we’re small in the UK, our client list is the envy of the marketplace, giving our people the opportunity to make a difference to some seriously big brands.
Sparks Grove is well established in the US, and last year we opened our first office in the UK.
Our home in Holborn Circus is open, energetic and fast growing. There’s great coffee, free pick and mix, a growing library, digital and analogue labs and a vibrant mix of people, societies between both Sparks Grove and North Highland.

Please click apply and submit your CV and a link to your portfolio.  If you are unable to send a link but do have a portfolio, please let us know!
Sparks Grove is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and welcomes all qualified applicants. Applicants will receive fair and impartial consideration without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, genetic data, or other legally protected status.


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